We develop technologies to minimize the difference between real & virtual world

Brain Programmers has invented more than 300 inventions which will change our life and make earth really an intelligent plant. Our inventions will change the world in following manner.

  • We feel that more than 3.5 Billion people on earth are forced to do non-creative and routine work to earn their bread and butter. We believe that intelligent machines can do the same work and it is possible right now.
    These machines will help them to do more creative work of their interest and make our life more happy.
  • We will be able to interact with any alive or artificial entity as our wish in most realistic manner at any time,
  • We will be able to get realistic experience of visiting any place and do there whatever we want to do in most realistic manner at any time.
  • All alive/artificial entity/world/knowledge will be around us all the time in most realistic manner.
  • Our brain works similar to a computer if some script written in a particular language requires lesser computation power than other so why can't a way of learning can consumes least energy of brain to understand. We are inventing new ways and testing them with high end research. Presently available e-learning is just an empirical solution.


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