We are

we are

Algorithm artists

Natural Innovators

Computer Graphics gurus

Artificial Intelligence Army

Lovers of robots


We are dreamers and driven by a philosophy that all software application, education material or products are made to be used by humans so they should be easy to brain. Every invention of ours is natural to brain and consume least energy of brain while being used.

Why we can't work from home, why we are not taught by best faculties, why we can't visit anywhere in the world any time, why we can't interact with anything anytime, why we can't do conversation with any one as if that person is standing just next to us?

The answer is we can do it by present technology also but the way we do it by present technology; we never get the feeling of reality. We are making it possible with the help of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and smart machines.

More than half population of humans on planet earth is forced to do repeated kind of work throughout their whole life as we don't have that smart machines so far. We are making technology which will make us free to use our creativity in productive thoughts and help to make earth really an intelligent planet



Brain Programmers World First Holographic
Tele-Conferencing System with Patented Technology

Published on Jan 22, 2015

Brain Programmers "Transparent Mobile phone with
3D display" with US Patented Technology

Published on Nov 14, 2014