Nitin did his World Records demonstration on March 05, 2004 in the Department of
Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in presence of faculty and Media.
All these problems were generated randomly by the experts at the time of demonstration.
The following were some of the fast calculations that he did mentally.

  • Factorial of 89 (=89*88*87…………..3*2*1) exact value
  • Factorial of 200(=200*199*198…………..3*2*1) exact value
  • Multiplication table for 987654321012345678902468135792357014968.
  • Product of 20, two digit numbers
  • 1729th power of 79 (79^1729) in exponential form
  • Square of 9705301086 (exact value)
  • Factorial of 7000000000 (=7000000000*6999999999*6999999998…………..3*2*1) in exponential form

In another demonstration Nitin demonstrated fast calculation of big multiplication tables.
He wrote multiplication table of 397580463259 in 50 seconds.
He also wrote the multiplication table of a 100 digit number in 466 seconds.