Brain Programmers is making such sci-fi products a reality and soon you will own these products.
Few of them are...

Brain programmers surface /office table

This surface table having all functionalities of surface computer which also gives experience of realistic tele-communication & realistic visulaization of things/places

Transparent mobile

Brain Programmers mobile phone with transparent screen which shows things in 3D. Images look like floating in air

Automatic grocery stores

Brain Programmers automatic grocery store have very intelligent system which enable it to dispatch different product automatically almost instantly and it requires least floar area to store the things

Hotels with no waiters

Brain Programmers hotel system with no waiters which takes order and dispatch food automatically

Face changing robots

Brain Programmers face changing robots will help in tele-communication and perform different work while face changing property help single robot to act as different personalities

gadgets for pets

Talk to your dog in your language and dog will speak your language it may be English, French or else.